About Us


At Somizu, every day we take a step forward towards our goals. We adapt to the latest technology and provide the same experience to our customers.
We expand our wins to different sectors opening up services to all of you. We value our customers and always esteem them.
All the customers we meet from different parts of the world are satisfied by our services and always leave with a smile in their faces.

At Somizu we believe creativity is the key to success in the future. Therefore we always think creatively and act creatively.

Inspiring Creativity


Creativity helps in creating problems and solving them. Yes, by being creative you do fall into trouble, and with it you can solve your problems too. But after all these ups and downs, creativity leads to success.

Creativity helps businesses to face competition. Similarly it helps everyone of us to be unique and stand out among the rest.

This is why we at Somizu Inspire Creativity



Founded in 2020, by Senuka Rathnayake, Somizu was established to give a completely new software experience which is not limited to software.

Senuka's passion for technology and innovativeness drove Somizu into being an unique technology company.

Although we don't have a long history yet; we are in the process of creating history.

Somizu for Businesses


Our services for businesses extend from enterprise software to social media marketing. SOMIZU FOR BUSINESS is a subcompany of Somizu, specializing in services for businesses.

We believe that businesses of this era require a digital transformation to adapt to all the latest technologies which helps in maximising profit.

We know what your business needs and are always ready to provide our services with the highest quality.

Somizu for Developers


They are the future of the technology dominated world in the future. We at Somizu gives a helping hand to student developers and shape the future employer ready developers.

Our service for developers are non-profit services. We always give opportunities to these young techies.

We believe to extend our services for developer and introduce clubs, and much more...

It's not just that


Not only developers and businesses, but we offer services to everyone of you. The apps, websites web build and our social media services are all about it.